#FAUchamber to present to President Trump today our $5T #BlackFolksPlan


This what the Congressional Black Caucus thinks that should be Americas plan for Black Folk. (on top is the link to their plan and the video is of their meeting with the President)

#FAUchamber thinks that black folk should have – $5T in a 100 years trust as a public private partnership with the US Federal government. Our authority comes based on the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of the USA in 2015 during the second cycle of the UN Human Rights Council.  In that cycle the USA qualified the over 300 responses from that and the first cycle into 10 areas of humanitarian problems in the USA. The number one problem mentions was America’s racism against its people of color.

For African Americans as a civil society joint venture we proposed a solution, in time and by the rules of the UN, in 2014, that said the US government should enter into a agreement with a trust setup for the public benefit of the African Americans.

So now we today submitting it as a unsolicited proposal to the President under the rules of the Federal Government through the US State Department.  Here is a link to the submission:

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